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Syndication This Fall

Acapulco H.E.A.T.
The action hour is set in Mexico and follows the activities of a four-person coalition that battles terrorism and crime. The coalition works out of the Marriott Casa Magna luxury hotel and operates behind the walls of a fake Acapulco fashion boutique. The series stars Alison Armitage, Michael Worth, Lydie Denier and Christa Sauls.
Debut: Week of Sept. 21
Syndicator: Western International Syndication
Producer: Balenciaga Productions in association with Keller Entertainment Group
Clearance: 200 stations/85%
Station groups: Sinclair, Chris Craft
Time period: Weekend
Terms: 7/7 barter split
Advertisers: Not available

Donny & Marie
The Osmond brother-and-sister act is reuniting for a daytime talk show that will be produced by music legend Dick Clark. Donny and Marie, who last were teamed on a prime time ABC series in the late 1970s, will combine celebrity interviews and musical entertainment for the one-hour variety show. Marilyn Wilson and Clark are executive producers.
Debut: Sept. 21
Syndicator: Columbia TriStar Television Distribution
Producer: Woodridge Productions for Columbia TriStar Television Distribution
Clearance: 209 stations/98%
Station groups: Fox O&Os
Time periods: Daytime
Terms: Cash plus 7/7 barter split
Advertisers: Not available

Air America
Based on the motion picture by the same name; Lorenzo Lamas stars as an ex-Navy SEAL who runs a commercial enterprise that flies everything from passengers to attack helicopters on covert missions. Lamas's character lives in and works out of Costa Perdida, a fictitious Latin American country that is constantly at war with internal and external enemies.
Debut: Week of Sept. 28
Syndicator: Pearson Television
Producer: Franklin Waterman Productions
Clearances: 140 stations/90%
Station groups: Partner Station Networks
Time periods: Weekend
Terms: 8/6 barter split
Advertisers: Not available

The Crow: Stairway to Heaven
Based on the two motion pictures ("The Crow" and "The Crow: City of Angels"), this action hour will continue the story line of Eric Draven's love for the woman of his dreams, Shelly. Mark Dacascos stars as Eric Draven. Edward R. Pressman and Bryce Zabel are executive producers.
Debut: Week of Sept. 21
Syndicator: PolyGram Television
Producer: Alliance Communications in association with Crescent Entertainment Productions and PolyGram Television
Clearances: 161 stations/97%
Station groups: Paramount, Sinclair
Time periods: Mix of daytime, weekend access, prime time, late night
Terms: Barter
Advertisers: Procter & Gamble, Nestle, Frito-Lay, General Motors

Highlander: The Raven
The Raven picks up where six-year cult hit Highlander left off in syndication. The Raven stars Elizabeth Gracen and Paul Johansson. Gracen plays a 1,200-year-old thief who is developing a sense of responsibility, while Johansson is an ex-cop fighting injustice. Peter Davis and Bill Panzer, who produced Highlander, are the executive producers of The Raven.
Debut: Week of Sept 21
Syndicator: Rysher
Producer: Gaumont Television and Fireworks Media Inc. in association with Davis/Panzer Productions and Rysher Entertainment
Clearances: 146 stations/92%
Station group: Chris Craft
Time period: Weekend access and late fringe
Terms: Barter
Advertisers: GM, AT&T, MCI, Procter & Gamble

Judge Joe Brown
The standing Memphis Superior Court judge brings his own brand of justice to television. Following Worldvision's success with Judge Judy, Brown's show will present actual cases and offer binding resolutions. Peter Brennan and Randy Douthit, the executive producers on Judge Judy, will fill those positions for Judge Brown's series.
Debut:Sept. 14
Syndicator: Worldvision Enterprises
Producer: Big Ticket Television
Clearances: 171 stations /96%
Station groups: United, Fox, Chris Craft, Paramount
Time periods: Fringe, daytime
Terms: Cash plus barter
Advertisers: Kellogg's, Procter & Gamble, Kraft General Foods, Bristol-Myers

Judge Mills Lane
The boxing referee who separated Mike Tyson from Evander Holyfield's ear last year is also a Reno district court judge. Lane will host a courtroom series that spotlights his no-nonsense approach to every case that comes before him. John Tomlin and Bob Young, the creators of Inside Edition and American Journal, are executive producers.
Debut: Aug. 17
Syndicator: Rysher Entertainment
Producer: Hurricane Entertainment
Clearances: 158 stations/90%
Station groups: Tribune, Malrite, Sullivan
Time period: Daytime
Terms: Cash plus barter
Advertisers: Burger King, MCI, Crest

Love Connection/Change of Heart
The two shows are sold together as a one-hour block this fall. Love Connection, which has been on the air for 12 years, gets a new host (Pat Bullard) and a new set. Change of Heart is a new half-hour relationship series that lets couples test the strength of their relationship by setting them up on dates with other partners. Chris Jagger is the host.
Debut: Sept. 21
Syndicator: Telepictures Distribution
Producer: Love Connection--PEL Productions in association with Telepictures Productions; Change of Heart--And Syndicated Productions in association with Telepictures
Clearances: 91 stations and The WB's WeB/95% coverage
Terms: 7/7 barter split
Station group: Tribune
Time periods: Late night, daytime
Advertisers: Not available

Malibu, CA
Malibu, CA is the latest project from Peter Engel, who produced Saved by the Bell and a number of other teenage sitcoms. This one features two teenage New York boys who come to Malibu to live with their father and try to adjust to a California lifestyle. Fraternal twins Jason and Scott Collins star.
Debut: Week of Oct. 5
Syndicator: Tribune Entertainment
Producer: Tribune Entertainment and Peter Engel Productions in association with NBC Enterprises
Clearances: 129 stations/87%
Station groups: Tribune, Sinclair
Time periods: Weekend afternoons
Terms: 3.5/3.5 barter split
Advertisers: Dr Pepper/7Up, Nestle, Frito-Lay

Match Game
The famous fill-in-the-blank game show is returning with a new host and new batch of celebrity panelists. Michael Burger, formerly the co-host of Mike & Matty and Home & Family, will take over the hosting chores from Gene Rayburn. Celebrities getting into the fun include George Hamilton, Vicki Lawrence, Nell Carter and Judy Tenuta.
Debut: Sept 21
Syndicator: Pearson Television
Producer: Mark Goodson Productions
Clearances: 100 stations/70%
Station group: Partner Station Networks
Time periods: Daytime
Terms: Cash plus barter
Advertisers: Not available

The New Maury Povich Show
Maury Povich is moving from Paramount Domestic Television to Studios USA Television Distribution, and along the way he's getting a new set, a new executive producer and a new format. Povich says his new series will focus on a single topic per show and will be more intimate than the previous series. Tamara Haddad, who formerly produced CNN's Larry King Live, brings a hard-news background to Povich's show as executive producer.
Debut: Sept. 14
Syndicator: Studios USA Domestic Television
Producer: Studios USA Domestic Television
Clearances: 190 stations/96%
Station groups: Mixture of network affiliates and station groups
Time periods: Daytime, early fringe, late night
Terms: Cash plus barter (3.5 minutes national)
National Advertisers: Not available

Mortal Kombat
The weekend action hour based on the hit movies and video games will have high-tech graphics and some of the world's top martial arts experts. The story line follows three warriors who have to face the wrath of an evil empire as they try to protect the Earth Realm. It stars Paolo Montalban, Daniel Bernhardt and Kristanna Loken. Larry Kasanoff is executive producer.
Debut: Week of Sept. 28
Syndicator: Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution
Producer: Threshold Entertainment in association with New Line Television
Clearances: 91 stations and The WB's WeB/90%
Terms: 7/7 barter split
Station groups: Sinclair
Time periods: Weekend (day and night)
Advertisers: Not available

Motown Live
The weekly one-hour music/variety series is set in a hip, night club-like atmosphere and features live performances by modern R&B, hip-hop and pop artists, along with songs from legendary R&B acts from all the prominent music labels. The series is hosted by comedian/actor Robert Townsend.
Debut: Week of Sept. 28
Syndicator: PolyGram Television
Producer: PolyGram Television in association with Elephant Walk Entertainment
Clearances: 137 stations/90%
Station groups: Chris Craft, Paramount, Sinclair
Time periods: Weekend (late night)
Terms: straight 7/7 barter split
Advertisers: Not available

Russell Simmons' One World Music Beat
Producer Russell Simmons lends his name to a weekly magazine series with a hip-hop flavor. The show will have four segments highlighting the latest in music, fashion and entertainment. Various celebrities will host each week.
Debut: Week of Sept. 24
Syndicator: BlackPearl Entertainment and BKS-Bates Entertainment
Producer: Tri-Crown Productions in association with BlackPearl Entertainment and Warner Bros. Domestic Pay TV, Cable and Network Features
Clearances: 100 stations/80%
Station groups: None
Time period: Weekend
Terms: Straight 7/7 barter split
Advertisers: AT&T, Heineken

Pamela Anderson Lee returns to weekend syndication as Vallery Irons, an outsider who stumbles into Beverly Hills and her own bodyguard agency. The show blends humor and action and takes viewers into the glamorous and sometimes treacherous lives of the rich and famous. J.F. Lawton, who wrote the screenplay for the motion picture "Pretty Woman," is the show's executive producer.
Debut: Week of Sept. 26
Syndicator: Columbia TriStar Television Distribution
Producer: Lafitte Productions Inc.
Clearances: 220 stations/99%
Station groups: 22 O&Os
Time periods: Weekend
Terms: cash plus barter
Advertisers: Not available

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