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Sales & Management Syllabus

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Course Objectives

Come on, gang. In three or four years of college, have you ever genuinely mulled over the "Course Objectives" section of a syllabus? You know with 31 years of broadcasting experience and 11 of those in management, I'm going to do the best I can to teach you practical broadcast management principles, along with personal cases I've encountered through the years.

For one class in your life, I want you to personally think about what you believe the objectives of this course ought to be and what practical applications you can learn from it. If we have taught you some significant principles and made you think what you would do if you were sitting in the manager's chair facing a specific decision, judgment, or crisis, we will have succeeded.

Materials Needed

For the first time in modern memory in a major course, you will not need a textbook. Aside from this money-saving marvel, you better get ready for carpal syndrome, because your entire course materials will be online, along with specifically assigned readings.

You will be expected to have downloaded and read the articles. As either juniors or seniors, you are beyond the coddling stage and either you will come to class prepared to discuss practical applications to your day's subject matter, or your grades will cheerfully suffer. You will not be re-spoonfed the day's reading in class. You will be discussing practical applications to that reading while being held responsible for its contents. Further, if you aren't ready on any class day to discuss and participate, the entire class will have to do Riverdance for the remainder of the 75 minutes. Might as well---if you aren't prepared, we may as well turn this into part of the PEWS curriculum.

You are also expected to regularly click in on the websites of Broadcasting and Cable and Electronic Media magazines and Dr. Charles Warner's Media Management Website as assigned.

Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT come to class and complain to me, "Mr. B, I couldn't get through to the website. Servers do go down, but usually the fault is the part of the student who will try one or two times for five minutes and then never again before coming to class. Be persistent at different intervals if you cannot make a web connection the first or second time after an assignment is made.

Your readings will be assigned as daily episodes. You will be expected to download them by number assigned on a specific day to be prepared for the next class session. Get used to this. This will be the wave of the future in the classroom.

Tests/Papers/Projects/Grades/Coffee Breaks

Tests: 3 of them, 100 points each. Final exam, 200. Test dates will be posted in a separate online page by the time you return from your brief Labor Day hiatus. No, I don't make up tests for absences on the day a test is given or a project is due, unless it is a university-approved absence and documentation is given. No matter how much I like you and your family.

Projects: a sales project in October and the other a programming project in November and December. Each counts 150 points on your final grade. An appropriate paper will accompany each project. Late projects are automatically deducted one letter grade for every day they are late.

Grades: You'll get some. The numbers: 93-100 (A), 86-92 (B), 75-85 (C), 65-74 (D), Below 65 (lovely parting gifts and our great thanks for playing the game). Don't even come to my office and tell me, "I need an 'A,' Mr. B." I need $100,000 but Dr. Dockery isn't going to give it to me because I go up to him and tell him I need it. You'll get and "A" if you make one. My charitable giving and community service ends in my gradebook. You will receive what you make---plain and simple! Then, I'll sing about it at the Com Arts Banquet next May.

Bonus: You will be responsible for helping fill the audience for I've Heard That Song!, Tennessee's favorite musical game show, in October (the 4th, to be exact). Those are always good bonus points and the easiest points you'll obtain in this class.

Coffee Breaks: As needed. Particularly if you nod in class, I will send out for some Folger's for you because that's the best part of wakin' up.

Final Instructions

Let's quit talking about it and just do it! And remember....the best music is the Music of Your Life! Goodnight, everybody.....

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