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Choose topic in which you have personal interest

Select topic in which specific research can be developed through periodicals, encyclopedias, pamphlets, magazines, personal interviews, etc.

Narrow broad topic into specific focus
  • (EX: Instead of "Crime," which is an extremely broad topic, choose "Efforts to Combat The Summer 1997 Murder Rate in Jackson, Tn.")

  • Choose 3 or 4 key points which you emphasize to support your central theme (for our length speeches, 3 will be best).


    In this class, the purpose will be either: (a) to inform, (b) to persuade, (c) to entertain, or (d) to instruct/inform through demonstration


    A well-written sentence or short paragraph which indicates, in short, what specific information you want your audience to have learned by the end of your speech.


    For our speeches, a MINIMUM of 4 references, preferably more

  • Periodicals, magazines, newspapers, pamphlets, books

  • Television or radio newscasts or special programs

  • Personal interviews

  • Internet (limit 2 sources)

  • Personal knowledge (do not rely on this heavily for your first informative speech, lest you think you can escape without concrete, specific research)

  • Develop OUTLINE of speech

  • Introduction
  • 3 or 4 Key Points
  • Conclusion

  • Supporting Material

  • Illustrations (Similarities)

  • Specific Instances

  • Exposition

  • Statistics

  • Analogy

  • Quotation/Testimony
  • Specific Dos & Don'ts of Speech Support