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Speech Research, Presentation, Delivery

Possible Informative Speech Topics

Unexpected Hazards in Raising a Child
Popularity of TV Talk Shows
Why Soap Operas Appeal to College Students and Young Adults
How to Choose a Career
Learning to Play a Musical Instrument
Camping & Outdoor Activities
Caring for Your Pet
Unusual Animals
Environmental Hazards
Investing Money Wisely
Starting an Exercise Program
Self-Defense Techniques
Emotional Depression
Date Rape
Medical-Care Careers
Progress in Treating Cancer
Drive-By Shootings
Changing Face of the American Family
Single Parents
My Favorite Athlete
The Future of Politics
Adventures on the Internet
Challenges of a First-Year College Student
Bill Clinton: a Moral Dilemma
Teenage Suicides
Trials of Today's Teachers
Weaknesses of the Legal System
Computer Games and Their Impact on Society
Saving at the Grocery Store
AIDS: A Current Crisis
Successful Marriages

This is a list of only 30 possible topics. You may choose one of your own, as long as you can organize it into a proper informative speech. You will be required to clear your topic with the instructor before delivering it. No two students will be allowed to speak on the same topic within the same class.