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       Game Show Scoreboard provides as many results of each day's TV game shows as are available or as the webmaster has time to compile.
       Stories on undefeated champions, big winnings, or unusual personalities will still appear on the mainpage.
       WARNING: Do not read this page if you have not seen these shows in your city on a given day and want to remain isolated from the finishes. Results will stay posted for one day, then archived at Game Show Scoreboard Archive.
Friday, November 17, 2000

   To Tell the Truth: The first half-hour was a replay of Wednesday's first show. In the second half-hour, Anthony DiLorenzo and his team opened with a $1,000 game. DiLorenzo is a detective who trails spouse cheaters.
   In game two, the central figure was the curator of the Pearson Museum in Springfield, Ill.
   Barbara Mason is known as the "Leech Lady." She's an expert on insects and parasites. She and her imposters drew two incorrect votes for $2,000.

   Wheel of Fortune: Bonnie Williams has joined the Phyllis Harris Club. When she solved the bonus puzzle, she let out a bigger whoo than Phyllis did in winning a $400,000 jackpot on Greed last May.
   Williams, a bank executive and community actress in Albany, N.Y., solved the Thanksgiving-appropriate puzzle GOBBLE IT UP for the $25,000 bonus.
   She ended a seven-night drought of no end game winners. Williams' total take: $33,750.

   Shop 'til You Drop: Thanksgiving was a productive day for Julie Berger and Chuck Gross.
   They defeated Sue Smith and Chris Hale. In their fast shopping round, Chuck's final selection of a bedroom ensemble was worth $1,299 and sent them to a total prize total of $3,193.
   Going over the $2,500 magic number sends the pair on a week-long trip to Waikiki.

   Supermarket Sweep: And then there were three.... The team of Bill and Kim forged their way Thursday into Friday's finals of Double Your Money champions week.
   They earned $1,624 to slide into the third slot. Wednesday leaders Michele and Karen are on top with $1,748 and Monday's winners Mick and Sarah the runners-up at $1,689. Friday's winners earn an automatic additional $5,000.
   Randy West Line of the Day: "Check out Kim....she's making a RAID of our expensive insect traps."

   History IQ: Champion Vincent made easy work of Nancy (maybe their last names are Van Gogh and Reagan) $1,750-$600 and had a pretty fair Timeline IQ.
   He nailed seven correct answers from the decade of 1930-39: Al Capone imprisoned (1931), Social Security passed (1935), Joe Louis wins heavyweight title (1937).
   Vincent's $3,500 gave him a take-home night of $5,250.

   Family Feud: No doubt, the Logelin and Golostone families had their clans huddled around the tube for something other than football on Thanksgiving Day.
   This time out, the Logelins knocked off the Golostones 367-170 and then did their magic in Fast Money.
   Shannon piled up 143 points in the first half, then sister Mandi put the family over the top with a 19-point answer of swat them for something you do to flies. The 203 points gave the Logelins $10,000.

   Street Smarts: Host Frank Nicotero was dressed as a pilgrim and a turkey for Thanksgiving. Contestants, however, were trying to find the turkey answers.
   In the Wager of Death finale, in-studio player Mike incorrectly predicted a miss from street contestant Erin, who was right on answering ostrich as the world's largest living bird. Mike blew his entire $1,200.
   However, studio contestant Jamie nailed her street player W.C.'s miss. He said the vulture was the largest bird. Jamie doubled her $1,500 to a winning $3,000.
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