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       Game Show Scoreboard provides as many results of each day's TV game shows as are available or as the webmaster has time to compile.
       Stories on undefeated champions, big winnings, or unusual personalities will still appear on the mainpage.
       WARNING: Do not read this page if you have not seen these shows in your city on a given day and want to remain isolated from the finishes. Results will stay posted for one day, then archived at Game Show Scoreboard Archive.
Friday, November 17, 2000

   To Tell the Truth: This was nostalgia and celebrity day, of sorts. The day's opener featured former Partridge Family kid Brian Forster as the central character.
   Forster and his team stumped the panel and audience for $4,000. He played young Chris Partridge from 1971-74 after Jeremy Gelbwaks left the series. Forster says he is now in the wine industry in California.
   In game two, which saw writer Carol Higgins Clark pointed out by her mother, author Mary Higgins Clark, former Dream House and Animal Crackups model Debbie Bartlett was an imposter. The team only won $1,000.
   In the second half-hour, fashion designer Deanna Shivoz and her team divided $4,000 and a contestant who called himself the nation's most frequent flier, David Phillips, and his team took home $3,000.

   The Price Is Right: We can only tell you Friday's big winner was Brian because CBS News coverage precluded viewers in the East seeing his full name called to "come on down."
   Brian survived two ties at the Showcase Showdown wheel and went on to win a Showcase of trips.
   He said he had some of the worst luck of all time but Bob Barker told him, "Your luck has changed." Brian's final winnings totaled $23,224.

   Wheel of Fortune: Linda Thompson said she had a twin in the audience but that brought her no magic in a week where the bonus game has proven troublesome.
   Thompson, a Miamian, could not come up with DOOR HINGE in the finale after only uncovering three letters.
   She came away with $12,300 for her evening's efforts.

   Inquizition: Marianne Radow of Baltimore was the conqueror of Friday's examination.
   Radow and Californian Robert Shadim earlier eliminated Michael Haygood of Los Angeles and Mark Campbell of Cincinnati.
   Radow defeated Shadim 18-13 in the final round to win the $500 top prize.

   Win Ben Stein's Money:    Ben only had to come up with two questions to defeat engineering student John Marimek in the 60-second round.
   Stein won the showdown 5-1 but sewed it up by answering Marie Antoinette as the Austrian princess who became queen of France in 1774 and Fast as the author of "The Immigrants" and "Spartacus."

   Supermarket Sweep: Second Chance Week of previous players ended with Diana and Macy topping the aisle travelers.
   They captured $1,398 in the regular sweep, then nailed two items in the Supersweep before being stumped on Formula 409. They ended with $1,798 for a two-show total of $3,380.
   Randy West Lines of the Day: 1. "Shana's grabbing something you can get in a flash.....our flash cameras and photo equipment." 2. "Check out Diana....she's making a RAID of our expensive insect traps."

   History IQ: Champion Dan was like a number of other players who had trouble tapping out his answers on the computer during Timeline IQ.
   He came up with three correct answers from the decade of 1990-99: Federal government shutdown (1995), Pathfinder explores Mars (1997), Columbine High (1999).
   The $1,500 total gave him winnings of $2,850.

   Family Feud: In a wrapup of what might be termed Hapless Soap Star Challenge Week, Passions defeated Days of Our Lives 412-95 but bombed miserably in Fast Money.
   The NBC soap's Brook Kerr and Eva Tamargo Lemus drew three goose eggs in the bonus game and were highlighted by the brilliant answer of Pennsylvania as an American city which starts with a "P."
   The twosome only managed 110 points but still were awarded $2,500 for St. Mary Margaret's School.

   Street Smarts: Studio contestant Sara held off on a bet which could have given her the show's all-time top winnings but still powered past Victor in the week's finale.
   Sara won $2,399 after betting $599 studio contestant Ali would miss the Wager of Death question.
   Ali was asked to pronounced and define the word PINOCHLE. His pronunciation: pin-NOO-shull. Definition: a figurine in the shape of a children's carriage.

   Hollywood Squares: Salute to Broadway Week ended with a victory for off-Broadway actor Otis Banks, who defeated Allison Salt, originally of Columbia, Md., $3,000-$1,000.
   Banks chose Bruce Vilanch for the bonus question. Going for a tour of Spain, Banks won when he agreed with Vilanch's answer of Glenn Close having won three Academy Awards.
   The volunteer for the Broadway Cares organization won $11,500 in cash and prizes. Next week, Olympic medalists will be in the squares, again from New York.

   Don't Forget Your Toothbrush: Nicole (sometimes this show gives last names and other times is no more reliable than History IQ) endured the latest test for a final player to win a trip.
   She was spun around in a chair for 30 seconds and had to race the clock to press a button to earn a trip to Cancun.
   Nicole crashed into several shelves of pies before righting herself and tapping the buzzer with seven seconds remaining. She takes her sister on the vacation.
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