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Sample Speech Outline

Musical Trends of the 1960s


CENTRAL IDEA: Music in the 1960s underwent a dramatic change from the dance crazes of The Twist and The Mashed Potato to the British Invasion of the mid-1960s to a renaissance of Elvis Presley in the latter part of the decade.

I. Introduction (Dramatic Device: two students doing The Twist)

II. Dance Crazes of the Early 1960s
    A. The Twist and Chubby Checker's influence
    B. The Mashed Potato and Dee Dee Sharp's hit records
    C. The Watusi and the drift toward physical dances
III. The British Invasion
    A. The Beatles, their debut on The Ed Sullivan Show in
      1964, and their influence on the entire decade of music
    B. The successors: The Dave Clark Five, Herman's Hermits, and The Animals
    C. One-hit wonders: a series of rock groups which produced a single hit record
IV. The Return of Elvis
    A. The decline of Elvis Presley's movies in 1968
    B. Elvis's return to television and Las Vegas in 1969
    C. Changes in Elvis's music in the 1960s from his hits in the 1950s
V. Conclusion (Restatement about the various eras of '60s music)

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