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Dairy Farmers of Ontario is owned and operated by the farm families of Ontario's 7,000 dairy farms.

Its purpose is to:

  • Ensure that demand for milk products is always met at reasonable prices.

  • Improve efficiency at all levels of milk production and marketing.

  • Increase the demand for milk and milk products in Ontario and Canada.

  • Ensure that Ontario dairy farmers receive a fair return for their labour.

Special Promotions

See Spots & Win
Contest features
more than 6,000 prizes

1999 Research Funding Competition

Details about the Competition
Letters of intent invited
before July 30, 1999
Total of $350,000 available


ABC's of Parenting - 3 Star SiteThe ABC's of Parenting website has selected our Facts on Snacks pages for their special interest to families and parents-to-be.

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