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Jackson Tonight!

The following stories are expected written, edited, and ready for delivery by Thursday morning, Nov. 5, for airing on the Nov. 6 edition of Jackson Tonight!.

No excuses on late stories. No excuses on not being able to find your team partner, if assigned one. This is a television news program which has to be delivered each week. If I have stories which are not delivered for this coming week, the show doesn't air and YOU will be responsible for calling TRTV to explain it.

  • Telephone Cramming (PKG)

  • Student Credit (PKG)

  • Students on Politics (PKG, Part 1 of 2)

  • Election Night (Bobby Carter Profile) (PKG)

From now on, all weekly stories required for deadline will be posted on this website. You will be expected to check it weekly. I have done everything possible to accommodate this Newsmagazine group, from eliminating the twice-weekly 4 to 5 p.m. class meetings to going to a post-production format, which has added more work for me. You do not have a rough situation in this class.

I expect NO MORE EXCUSES on stories not being delivered on deadline, particularly when assigned well in advance, and I particularly expect explanations on the status of your stories every week. Further, I expect your supers to be delivered to me in order, in writing, preferably printed, with a descriptive title for the person interviewed. I don't have time to track you down to find out what you didn't tell me. Party's over, gang!

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