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December 17, 1999


A Bit of Christmas Cheer

        Fox awakened. There's short-term joy in Greedville. In January, we'll have five nights a week of network prime time games, at the very least. So while we prepare the debut of our first Millenium Moment----Steve's Top 40 Hits, here are bits and pieces from your friendly neighborhood game show analyst:
---All-New 3's a Crowd is the number three show, ratings-wise, on Game Show Network in its first three weeks.

---Wink Martindale, Alex Trebek and Alan Thicke were among those who celebrated with the GSN brass Thursday night at the network's fifth birthday celebration at the Western Cable Show.

---Early spin is the nerves over a Greed renewal were groundless. Baloney. One wonders what Fox would have done if that Friday night edition hadn't drawn such strong 18-49s.

---Sure appears NBC and Fox are doing everything possible to dodge Who Wants to Be a Millionaire in January. Actually, it'll be ABC's call to move any of those WWTBAM hours to knock out the competition.

---For those of you who have been with this page for two years, remember when the biggest news we had was when Figure It Out premiered?

---I have passed the first stage of the contestant hurdle for Twenty-One, which is having auditions in Memphis this weekend. However, don't hold your breath. I haven't been called to drive the 80 miles for a mock game.

---Pressman will do the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire board game in the spring. We're told if CBS ever gets $1,064,000 Question off the ground, expect a home version of it, as well. What I wouldn't give not to have lost my original $64,000 Question home game in the late 1950s. Of course, I was five years old at the time.

---Pat Carroll, who probably played more different games than anyone other than Betty White, is our latest Legends interview and she'll be added to our section in January or February.

---I've been asked by more than one what I think about the selection of Maury Povich as the host of Twenty-One. I say let's see when he gets on the air.

---If you haven't already and would like to check out the ITV British site for Winning Lines, go to this linkWinning Lines.

---Our own I've Heard That Song has been renewed through June 2001 and we're likely to make that our fifth and final season.

---Didn't Our Lovely Carol Merrill still look like a million dollars on Monty Hall's Biography on A&E? Talk about how the years have been kind to someone.

---Upcoming before Christmas: an interview with Matt Marcotte, the young NYU law student who won $250,000 on WWTBAM. He gives an interesting perspective on what life has been like in law school since his victory.

---Most observers believe To Tell the Truth will sell to local stations for next fall but perhaps with some adjustments to the panel. Plus, if the topics of the pilot are any example, we're going to see another first-rate game go the rate of one-track minded writers who think every person in the audience wants to hear nothing but sexual-oriented topics. If that is the rule, TTTT will be a one-year wonder.

---We'll be on vacation at home in Georgia from Dec. 26-Jan. 2, so if the networks add another dozen games to their lineups while I'm gone, I'll just have to deal with it when we get back. Please be patient with us. Even game show freaks need time to see their families.

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