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The Action 9 News Reunion
Photo Album, Vol. 5

A Memorable Reception

Channel 9 welcomes back its
old-timers in great style
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Richard & Ray

Ray Bewley greets old friend
Hyatt from Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

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Family Reunion

Dave Platta and Steve Foust greet
Chris Scherf Gusmano and daughter

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The Earl of Windsor
Dick Windsor remembers
some angry METRA drivers
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Kevin & Chuck
Farrell & Leonard
look like opponents
on a game show
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Relics from the Past

Yes, even the infamous "On Location"
was depicted in these golden memories

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Mitzi at the Map
Will she soon be doing this
again, as in old times????

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Maggie, Billy & Dee
Maggie Crowder Lawrence chats with
Billy Bush & Dee Armstrong

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